The 11 September 2022 is a very auspicious date. Choirs4Kids and Choirs4Adults combined, have officially held 1000 Zoom online singing sessions. I still can’t believe that we’ve run that many sessions!

When I look back I realise that we’ve been doing Zoom sessions since March 2020. Of course we have! That’s when the world held it’s breath and everything changed.


As a business we’d been looking into doing sessions online for a month or two but hadn’t fully committed. Not many people were interested in online singing then. And there was the challenge of what tools to use to deliver the best experience.

Back in 2020, Choirs4Kids had been doing in-person classes for 4 years. We ran classes in many community halls North and South of the Swan River and, as a result, a lot of time was spent in the car.

The Solution Found Me

I was finding that most of my time was behind the steering wheel rather than in front of the students. I was looking for a way to reduce the travelling time. The solution found me.

I still remember the first Zoom call. Monday 23rd March 2020. The class was Joeys so was filled with 4-6 year old students. I was nervous, excited, and not really sure what to expect.


But I knew I needed to be confident as the families were dealing with a lot of uncertainties.

That first 30 minutes flew by. The parents did an amazing job of getting the students online and the Joeys do what they do best. They just had a great time 🙂

All Over The World

world map

Running singing sessions on Zoom has been an amazing addition to the business. In fact, we have moved 100% online. Zoom has enabled us to connect with students all over the world instead of just students in the local area.

The Next 1000

Reaching 1000 Zoom sessions got me thinking about reaching the 2000 session milestone. Based on the monthly increase in students I have a feeling it won’t take 2 years to reach it.

Thank you to all my students and their parents for the last 2 years. It has been an awesome journey and I’m so glad we got to do it together.