Vocal Bytes

When we love an activity, a game, or a sport, we naturally want to be better at it. Our eager singing superstars are no different.

Vocal Bytes was created to help your child improve their voice. Using tips and tricks of the trade, we encourage them to make their amazing voice bigger, brighter and stronger.

This exciting new course from Choirs4Kids is run over 6 weeks and is limited to 6 superstars. The small class size will enable the children to connect quickly, and create trust so they can step out of their comfort zone.

In the first lesson we assess what skills and experience your child has. From there we select a number of skills to focus on.

Skills could be learning a different type of breathing, having better posture or body movement to change the sound of their voice.

Each course will introduce visualisation as a tool for overcoming shyness or fear.

Fear shows up in many ways. It might be in every day reading, speaking to classmates at school or just singing out loud.

Fear is something that so many young people struggle with and we want to provide techniques to lessen its grip.

Have we mentioned confidence yet? Your superstar will soon be oozing confidence as their singing improves. Improves in quality but also the willingness to perform in front of others.

We have testimonials that bring tears of joy. Seeing children stretching beyond anything they have done before is so humbling.

Every week each child is given the opportunity to record their voice. The recording enables us to provide individual feedback.

And at the end of the course, you’ll be able to hear the progress they’ve made over the six weeks.

Included in the course is access to our members portal on our website. The portal contains audio and/or videos to support the weekly classes.

You’ll also receive a weekly reminder email. Unlike any other reminder you’ve had, this one is a video.

Our current Superstars love these emails as they can do a video reply. Clever stuff!

Vocal Bytes is more than just singing improvement.

Its confidence building, in a small group environment, with lots of skills and techniques that help to build their resilience and self-esteem.

Please remember that these courses are only run 6 times per year and limited to 6 superstars per course.

That’s 36 spots for 2023.