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Musical Adventures

Hey there, fellow music explorer! Get ready to dive into the most incredible journey ever – ‘Musical Adventures’!

Imagine a world where your voice becomes a superhero, where singing takes you to magical places full of excitement and wonder.

In this awesome book, you’ll learn secrets about singing that’ll make your voice dance, from cool breathing tricks to making your melodies shine with amazing colors.

And guess what? It’s not just about singing – it’s about discovering your voice’s superpowers and showing them off with confidence!

So, if you’re ready, hop aboard our musical spaceship and let’s set off on our adventure. Get ready to rock the stage, create musical magic, and uncover the fantastic world of your voice!

We have written two ebooks. One is aimed at the adult reader who wants to explore their own voice or find out how singing can help their child. The other is for the child. This is designed to be read with the younger child or as a self-read book for older/pre teens.

Musical Adventures For Adults

Musical Adventures For Children


Our videos are tasters of some of our video courses along with fun warm up songs that we use in our online sessions at Choirs4Kids.

Are you ready to start your adventure!

Body Warm Up

Join us for some crazy dance moves!  Feel the vibe!

Technique - Anchoring

A little bit of basic technique for singing.

When we use the tool of ‘anchoring’, our voices become super strong.

All you need is a pair of socks or some lemons if you dare!

Silent Warm Ups

Find out more about singing silently.

Top athletes visualise their event so today we visualise and sing our songs silently.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Singing smoothly and using techniques in our body to help us. Try stroking the lion!

We also work on breathing in this video, pushing through phrases and extending our breath work.

Danger Men At Work

Get the brain working with this crazy, fun warm up song. Can you create your own 5 syllable song and see if that works too?

Fun warm ups like this one are designed to get you laughing and focused at the same time. Laughter is one of the best vocal warm ups remember!

Fruit Salad

What’s your favourite fruit?

Let’s mix together mango, kiwi, banana, passionfruit and papaya for this fun medley of tunes.

You could also add your own here and even create your own riffs over the top if you like!