Individual Lesson

Ages 8 to 15

Individual vocal confidence lessons designed to help your superstar become more confident with their own voice.


  • A uniquely tailored approach.
  • Purchase one or more lessons to be used as required
  • Session length 30 mins

AU$ 45AU$ 225

In our individual singing lessons, we help your superstar become more confident with their own voice.  So often these days children try to mimic their favourite pop singers, yet their voices aren’t ready for such potential ‘trauma’ at a young age.

By building their confidence, vocal skills, technique and by experimenting with sounds, they will be able to start their journey in a safe way.

In these sessions, we guide your child through the best technique, breathing, articulation and tone as well as fun songs to energise and make each session memorable.

In each singing lesson your child will use some or all of the following skills and techniques:

  • Body warm ups
  • Vocal exercises
  • Work on specific parts of the voice that need support.  This is often disguised as game songs and rounds for children
  • Apply what has been learnt in the warm ups to a song.  We work on songs for a few weeks ironing out any vocal challenges as we progress
  • Use their bodies to help them sing.  A kinaesthetic approach to learning