Rockingham (WA)

  • Local singing program for ages 7 to 13
  • 8 lessons per term (price pro-rata)
  • Experience the magic of In-Person choirs
  • Suitable for beginners to advanced

AU$ 168

Our In Person programs for ages 7 to 13 are inclusive, supportive, dynamic classes which will boost your child’s confidence.

They will come out of class grinning from ear to ear and understanding songs at a deeper level.

They will experience learning our special vocal tricks and be able to use them in any songs they sing.

Connection and confidence games are also included in many of our sessions as we understand when connections are made, confidence soars.

(Younger children may apply to join and will be invited to chat with us to assess vocal maturity.)

Each week students can access:

  • one weekly In Person class
  • 8 lessons per term
  • song resources in our Member’s Portal
  • possible performances in the local area (TBC, dependent on numbers and events)

Class begins with a physical warm up – some stretches, dance moves, body activators.

Followed by a vocal warm up – a fun song, tongue twisters, part songs, technique training.

They then work on a song of the week. They’ll learn new songs or parts of songs they already know.

Next they will learn our unique vocal techniques. We focus on breathing, pitch, phrasing, rhythm and some harmony.

They learn how to sing but the gift is the confidence-building in a positive group situation.

Links to the Australian National Curriculum are available for home-learners.

Port Kennedy Community Centre
9 Clipper Drive
Port Kennedy