Virtual Choir

AU$ 10

Be part of our latest Virtual Choir creation.

What is it?
A virtual choir brings singers together from around the world.

Singers record and upload their videos and each video is then sychronised and combined into one performance to create the Virtual Choir.

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Our Virtual Choir Projects are lots of fun.  Every few months we choose a song that we love and ask the students to send in a recording of either their voice and/or a video of them singing the song.

This gives the students an opportunity to hear themselves as a whole group.  It also helps to combat feelings of social isolation and promotes connection to others. They realise that they are part of a big group of singers from all around the world.

June Songs:
Joeys: Mysteries Under The Sea
Roos: Power In Me
Stars: Here Comes The Sun

What You Get

In our virtual choir projects you will receive:

  • Members area access
  • Learning video
  • Lyrics
  • Instruction video and pdf
  • Copy of the final song when completed

Who can be involved

Anyone ages 4 to 15 can be involved in our projects.

You don’t have to be a current Choirs4Kids subscriber, however that will help you to learn the song.

What we do

Virtual Choir creations are very time consuming and over recent times we have actually created them as part of our regular program.

This year, we realised how much is involved. It takes us around one month to create, after you have sent us your recording!

What’s involved:
1. We arrange the songs and videos and give you access.
2. We work on the audio first – separating it from the video, blending voices together that match, removing any background noises (coughing, dogs barking etc), adding special effects if the song needs it.
3. We make the videos align with the sound, resizing images, adding effects, blurring faces (if required), adding images, adding solo sections.

We use Davinci Resolve which is amazing video editing software but even still it takes time and patience when ‘rendering’ the video to see what it looks like, tweaking it as required and then finally sending it out to you.