Voice Mastery

  • Individual recording program for your child (age 7 to 15)
  • Taking your superstars voice and confidence to the next level
  • 4 week block (2 zoom sessions of 30 minutes in week 1 and 3)
  • Twice weekly video tips & tricks tailored to your child’s voice

AU$ 200

How does the Voice Mastery Program stand out from our regular program or individual lessons?
Your child dedicates a whole month to perfecting their chosen song. They receive expert guidance on how to explore the song, utilise various techniques, and practice at their own pace. However, the Voice Mastery program offers something distinct - it provides your child with the flexibility to pursue their vocal journey independently, without the need for weekly connections with us.

Flexibility and Independence:

  • No need for weekly connections with us.
  • Perfect for families on the go or those with busy schedules.
  • Ideal for individuals wishing to gift a song to loved ones.

Individualized Learning:

  • Dedicate a whole month to perfecting a chosen song.
  • Expert guidance on exploring the song, utilizing various techniques, and practicing at their own pace.

Included in the program is access to:

  • 2 zoom sessions (ideally week 1 and 3) of 30 minutes
  • twice-weekly vocal tips (video)
  • practice reminders
  • final recorded song of your child’s voice

This is an ‘easy-to-access’ program.

All you need is:

  • internet access for 2 zoom sessions
  • device to participate in 2 zoom sessions – computer, ipad, tablet, laptop, phone
  • quiet space to record voice
  • device to record voice – phone voice recorder is ideal
  • headphones or earphones for when recording

Please note: You are welcome to have a more advanced set-up for recording ~ stand alone microphone. This would greatly enhance the quality of the recording you receive but is not compulsory!

Bookings are made by purchasing the product here.

You will then be sent a link to book your 2 zoom sessions.

The month starts from the day of your first zoom session.