Our Programs


Our premier online program creates a space where children can sing their hearts out, move and groove to their favourite songs and connect with other children around the world! Through our unique approach, we help young people find their vocal confidence with ease.

Monthly Subscription

3 Month Package

Virtual Choir

Be part of our latest Virtual Choir creation.
Singers record and upload their videos and each video is then sychronised and combined into one performance to create the Virtual Choir.

Individual Lessons

Our individual lessons focus on vocal confidence and help your superstar develop their voice.  We guide your child through the best technique, breathing, articulation and tone as well as fun songs to energise and make each session memorable.


Our In Person program (Bridgetown, WA) is one of kind. We help your child to develop their voice and confidence through every song. They will come out of each session grinning from ear to ear, singing the songs that got stuck in their head today!

Our next series of sessions is being planned for August in preparation for the Christmas season.  Dates, venues and resources will be posted later in the year.