Ages 7-10

Our online Roos sessions are for children ages 7 to 10 who love to sing and are ready to explore what their voices can do. They are ready to improve their vocal strength at this age. They are ready for reading song lyrics.

At Choirs4Kids we take great care in our song selection for this age group. We endeavour to choose songs that are positive, span different eras and genres and with a vocal range to suit their age. Some of these songs include modern pop, musical theatre and songs that you will even want to sing along to!

Vocal skills are taught in a unique way by using whole body techniques which can magically transform voices when used correctly.

Lessons are engaging, with children being able to connect easily with the others in the virtual room through our unique connection games. This helps to build confidence in other areas of their lives.  The growth in their confidence over just a few short weeks is amazing to watch.

We create personalised lessons, focusing on experimentation of what the voice can do. We give children the space and time to explore new sounds and to feel the music with their whole body.

Children share their voices in the sessions when they are ready, with feedback given if appropriate. They are also encouraged to participate in our Virtual Choirs and they love the moment where they get to hear their voice among other singers.

Connecting Voices

Creating an online space for young people to be together and to share their voices around the world.

Cultivating Confidence

Allowing young people to be themselves, to use their voice freely and be creative which instills an inner confidence.

Roos In Action