The end of the school day often marks the beginning of a tumultuous emotional journey for many children, characterised by defiance, verbal aggression, and tantrums. This phenomenon, known as the ‘after-school restraint collapse’, is a common occurrence as pent-up emotions from the day find their release.

However, amidst the chaos, there exists a powerful tool for self-regulation: singing.

When we’re feeling all tangled up in emotions and everything’s about to explode, singing comes in like a superhero, calming us down and saving the day. It’s like our own personal magic spell!

The cool thing about singing is that it gives us a way to let out all those feelings in a positive way. Instead of flipping out or getting all angry, we can just sing it out. The music helps us find our groove again, like hitting the reset button for our emotions. It’s pretty awesome how something as simple as singing can make such a big difference!

Joining in after-school singing isn’t just about feeling better right away.

It’s like planting seeds for super-strong emotions that can handle anything! When we sing, we’re learning how to deal with all sorts of feelings and keep ourselves in check. It’s like having a secret superpower that helps us stay cool when things get tough. Plus, it sets us up for a life where we can handle anything that comes our way emotionally.

It’s pretty neat how singing can do all that, huh?

When the world feels topsy-turvy after school, singing becomes our light. It’s like discovering a hidden treasure chest full of calmness!

Let’s make sure we fill our children’s afternoons with activities that lift their spirits and make them feel awesome. Together, we’ll turn their after-school adventures into a magical melody that sticks with them forever!


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