Day 12.
The Impossible To Sing Song!

Written by Enthusic Music Company in 2015 we love this song.

Today we are just working on this part of the warm up:
Mel mixed biscuits in Betsy’s best biscuit bowl

This works on the tongue and is a fun song for everyone.
Watch out for moving the mouth too much but make sure the mouth is closing for each word starting with M and B.

We add our breathing work from last week into this warm up today. How far can you sing? 
Working on songs like this to help with our breathing means that we can focus on breathing whilst not worrying too much about the words of the song. You can even take the melody without the lyrics if you prefer


September… It’s my 30 day challenge all to do with Singing!
There’s no month like it because it starts with the letter S!
These warm ups can be found in many choir resources, some dating back to 1900’s.


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