Ages 10-15

Our online Stars sessions are for young people ages 10 to 15 who need singing in their lives!  These are young people who come with various needs. Those who want to learn to sing, those who already sing well, those who need connection with others who enjoy music and those who are experimenting with their voice and want to find out more.

In our Stars groups you will find an inner belief that singing is OK.  Sometimes we find that singing is something that has been left behind for the intense study life that has become expected at this age.  But we know that singing helps these young people to shine, to believe, to de-stress and release the tension that comes with study.

They are not studying to become professional singers with us, they are singing for FUN and singing in our online groups gives them so much more than that.

It gives them connection with other like-minded young people and the confidence to sing out loud.

They also collaborate with classmates in our sessions to split the songs into workable parts for each other. We then put them together in the session so they can hear each other and work on their part. This develops their harmony and music reading skills.

Stars share their voices in the sessions when they are ready, with feedback given when appropriate. They are also encouraged to participate in our Virtual Choirs where they get to hear their voice among other singers.

At Choirs4Kids we meet amazing Stars. They are funny, welcoming, engaging, and best of all…they love to sing.

Connecting Voices

Creating an online space for young people to be together and to share their voices around the world.

Cultivating Confidence

Allowing young people to be themselves, to use their voice freely and be creative which instills an inner confidence.

Stars In Action