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In Person

Manjimup (Western Australia) In Person singing program is for young singers age 7 to 12 who want to sing as part of a group (choir).

Our In Person programs are supportive, dynamic classes which will boost your child’s confidence. They will come out of class grinning from ear to ear and singing our songs for the rest of their week.

Your child will learn our unique vocal tricks and be able to use them in any songs that they sing.

We choose upbeat, modern songs that are suitable for the children’s voices.

And we include confidence building games to strengthen the connections between the students.

Key Information

Location & Day

  • Wednesdays 3.45pm
    Manjimup Family Centre, 13 Mount Street, Manjimup WA

What's Included

  • Weekly In Person class
  • Complimentary Online group access (optional)
  • 8 to 10 weeks per term
  • Resources – Members account
  • Possible performances

What Happens

  • Physical warm up – stretches, dance moves
  • Vocal warm ups – tongue twisters, part songs
  • Song focus – technique within songs
  • Game time – confidence building

Sue has created such a fun, friendly, social and inclusive environment where all the children achieve by the end of each term. Choirs4Kids provides a fantastic foundation for a life long love of music.


Love of music

I find it hard to leave her with people I don’t know but you make it very easy for me to do that.

You are very trustworthy.



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