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Sue founded Choirs4Kids in 2016 after realising that many children, including her daughter, were either too young to join their school choir, or the school didn’t have a choir.

Running classes all over Perth was an adventure but was also limiting and draining.

In 2020, Choirs4Kids moved online and is now reaching kids all over world!

We are humbled to be able to reach so many kids at a time when they need fun and connection in their lives!

Appeared On


Studio 10 Interview

January 2022 – Watch the amazing Chloe sing!

From The Heart

Written by one of our Joeys and sung by a mix of Joeys and Roos

Virtual Choir

Roos and Stars singing together in our latest virtual choir.

Parents Testimonials

The best singing class you’ll ever sign your kids up to! Sue’s classes have transformed our 5 year old. She enjoys the class and sings in front of everyone, something she would never do. The songs are amazing and Sue’s beautiful personality makes her classes so unique.