Ages 4-6

Our online Joeys sessions are for children ages 4 to 6 who are just starting out on their singing journey.  They love to explore sounds and are eager to be creative with their voices.

Using fun, engaging songs we help young singers to explore their voices through fun, upbeat songs, storytelling, echo singing and movement.

Joeys love to sing and go on musical adventures, simply letting the magic happen.

Listen – learn – sing – explore…

These are the steps Joeys go through when learning their songs.  This encourages them to explore vocal sounds and to use their imagination.   Often, the creative ideas continue even after the session is finished!

Joeys are also introduced to basic musical elements such as beat, rhythm, dynamics and tempo through our songs and musical activities.

They share their voices when they are ready and learn to experience the sounds of others.

It’s all about the love of singing at this age.

Advantages of our program

Zoom Classes

Your child will LOVE online. It’s their happy place where they feel comfortable in their own surroundings.

All Access Pass

Every new member receives an ‘all-access pass’ for their first week to boost their child’s experience.

Additional Learning

 Access to our ‘Vocal Technique’ videos to learn some singing tips and tricks straight away.

Ongoing Support

Ongoing connection is available for our members via chat and monthly video message.

Joeys In Action

More Questions?

If you are still unsure about what we offer, please use the chat feature on this page or click to book a complimentary call.