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@Shining a Light on Vocal Confidence

[…] Not only did they work on the songs themselves, but on breathing technique, movement, facial expressions, controlling nerves and pacing. The result was a memorable performance which encapsulated a beautiful day. A few tears were shed in rehearsals, matched only by tears of joy at the performance!

Sue is a fabulous teacher and role model. She understands how important moments like these are and did everything she could to make it a success. In addition to recording a technique video for her, the Friday evening before the wedding (midnight for Sue) she did a pep talk Zoom call with Beatrice (perfect timing!) and sent her a wonderful inspiring poster with gentle reminders of what they’d practiced and what to focus on (Beatrice kept this in her little handbag all weekend).

My question to any parent considering signing-up to Sue’s classes: How could anyone possibly ask for more? In helping a little eight-year-old create a life-time memory for her aunt, she’s also given my daughter two exceptional gifts – self-confidence and humility. For this, I’m truly grateful for everything you do.”


@Situational mutism 

My daughter Lola has some special needs, one being —selective mutism (also known as situational mutism).  This means she has extreme difficulty talking in social situations and is mostly mute.

Despite this, Lola expressed interest in music and I contacted Sue at Choirs4Kids to see if joining was a possibility.

Sue was highly aware and positive of my daughter’s situation and instantly made her feel included without adding any pressure to sing or talk.

Sue engaged her with gestures and puppets and made her feel a part of everything. Sue’s awareness and kindness helped Lola feel safe to express herself and after some months of joining in (without language or pressure), she had a breakthrough and spoke with Sue in front of the kids.

Then she did it again!
And again.

This wonderful situation was only made possible because of Sue’s warm-hearted engagement, positive understanding and patience.

I am forever grateful to Sue and Choirs4Kids for helping Lola find her voice and feel empowered to express it.
This is an incredible program for any child wishing to find belonging while standing out as their own shining star. 


@extraordinary vibe

“My son was fond of music but he had a hesitation to sing. Sue helped him to realise his potential and now we are really happy that he sings in the class.

He really enjoys singing and he is really proud that he has a rockstar music teacher!

Even if you are listening to the music from a distance, with Sue’ s extraordinary vibe, people started singing for their kids!



“The best singing class you’ll ever sign your kids up to! Sue’s classes have transformed our 5year old. She enjoys the class and sings in front of everyone, something she would never do. The songs are amazing and Sue’s beautiful personality makes her classes so unique.”


@great whilst travelling

“Harper has loved joining in with her ZoomSing sessions whilst we have been travelling. It’s been something that she has looked forward to all week. Even if we haven’t had the best signal, she has wanted to go back to the members portal and join in with the recordings.  Thank you so much for creating this amazing resource that we have been able to use on the road.”

Parent of Individual Student

@not like anything else

“Choirs4Kids was something different for my autistic, anxious child. He loves the vocal warm ups in particular and the sessions are definitely reducing his anxiety and have made him more confident with his voice. Kids with disabilities are often told they can’t do things but having this lesson with Sue has changed this for us. Sue provides an environment where our son can choose who to be and take some control of the lesson too.”


@perfect for homeschool life

“Online classes have been a welcome addition to our homeschool life, all without leaving the comfort of our living room.  Sue has a lovely manner with the children, making it fun while they learn to sing.”


@stronger voice

“Sue has been amazing in developing Sahana’s confidence. Sahana is now happy to sing in front of people. Her voice has gone much stronger and she is able to understand how to project her voice too. Sue is very kind but firm and Sahana has learnt immensely from Sue which we are very grateful for.”


@audition perfection

A huge THANK YOU to Sue for the private online singing lessons to help our 8-year-old prepare for her first ever audition! We really appreciate your energy and experience – your advice made such a difference, and you helped her focus while still having so much fun!! She has been accepted into the show and is beyond excited. We will need to book some more lessons to practice for the performances now!”


@no pressure

Sue’s classes are fabulous!! She is so gorgeous with the children, so fun and engaging. It is lovely to listen to, and watch the children be so encouraged and respected by her. She never pressures the children to participate if they are nervous but those nerves quickly disappear because of the way Sue engages with them. Highly recommended!”


@dyslexia help

“We started Choirs4Kids because we heard that singing helps children with dyslexia. Choirs4Kids has done more than we ever thought possible.  Our son’s anxiety has even improved during the lessons and he is now joining in with singing and hand movements.  We are very thankful for Sue’s teaching style and relaxed manner, and the ability to offer the kids to contribute as long as they feel comfortable.”