Joeys Online (Asia)

Ages 4-6

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A fun space where your child can begin their singing journey.

  • Joeys sing songs and learn techniques like breathingrhythm and beat.
  • They explore new sounds and learn to feel the music with their whole body
  • And SO much more than that!
  • Check out the finer details in the information tabs below.

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AU$ 45 / month


Joeys is a place where your child can begin their singing journey.

It is also SO much more than that.
It is a place where your child will learn to connect with others and where they sing, dance, laugh and create in a new online world.

We create personalised lessons, focusing on experimentation of what the voice can do.
We give children the space and time to explore new sounds and to feel the music with their whole body.

Each week students can access:

  • one (30 min) online live session per week (4 per month)
  • recording of the live session
  • option to attend an alternative live session (conditions apply)
  • video tutorials to sing along at home and learn new techniques
  • All-Access Pass for your first week

Joeys will learn new songs and singing techniques in its simplest form.
They’ll learn about breathingtonepitchrhythm and beat.

They’ll get to experiment with their voice and there will be opportunities to sing solo (only if they want to) and as part of the session.

Over the years we’ve heard so many reports about how our singing sessions have helped our students with their speech.
Talking clearly to express their opinions, to ask questions and to sing back to the teacher have all helped build the child’s confidence which in turn has helped develop their speech.

The hidden bonus of our online program is that YOU don’t have to hang around and wait for your child!

You can chill out, have a coffee, make dinner, or spend time with your other children.

Of course, you can always sing along with them too!

Who doesn’t want more singing?

You can now book TWO classes each week and receive the 2nd class for 50% off.

Contact us for info or book two and we’ll sort the rest!