Roos Online (Americas)

Ages 7-10

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  • Singing songs that are positive, and span different eras and genres
  • Personalised song choice to suit their vocal range
  • Using whole body techniques which magically transform the children’s voices
  • And SO much more than that!
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AU$ 50 / month


At Choirs4Kids we take great care in our song selection.
We endeavour to choose songs that are positive, span different eras and genres and with a vocal range to suit their age.
We use whole body techniques which magically transform their voices when used correctly.

Lessons are engaging, with children being able to connect easily with the others in the virtual room through our unique connection games.
This helps to build confidence in other areas of their lives.
The growth in their confidence over just a few short weeks is amazing to watch.

We create personalised lessons, focusing on experimentation of what the voice can do.
We give children the space and time to explore new sounds and to feel the music with their whole body.

They are encouraged to record videos or vocals to send in for our virtual choir videos and they love the moment where they get to hear their voice among other singers.

Each week students can access:

  • one (45 min) online live session per week (4 per month)
  • recording of the live session
  • option to attend an alternative live session (conditions apply)
  • video tutorials to sing along at home and learn new techniques

Roos learn to sing out loud and proud!
From our research, we know that many children worry about the sound they make.
We help them to keep experimenting with their voices. Strange sounds are good sounds!

They learn specific vocal technique as if they were learning individually, but with the bonus of confidence building in a group situation.
We focus on breathing, pitch, phrasing, rhythm and some harmony.
They learn to develop their hearing to hold their own part in a song and also develop their creation skills through song writing.

The added bonus of our online program is that YOU don’t have to hang around and wait for your child!

You can chill out, have a coffee, make dinner, or spend time with your other children.

Of course, you can always sing along with them too!

Who doesn’t want more singing?

You can now book TWO classes each week and receive the 2nd class for 50% off.

Contact us for info or book two and we’ll sort the rest!