Stars Online (UK/EU)

Ages 10-15

Auto-payment (pro-rata & cancel any time)

  • Stars get to sing like no-one can hear them!
  • Personalised vocal techniques to suit their vocal range
  • Opportunities to collaborate and write songs
  • Be part of a Virtual Choir recording
  • And SO much more than that!
  • Check out the finer details in the information tabs below.

*Pro-rated cost (remainder of first month) will be shown at Checkout

AU$ 55 / month


You are here because you have an interest in singing.
You want to learn to sing or sing more.
You want to meet others who sing too and connect with them, to learn from them and with them.

In Stars we give you the opportunity to sing as loud as you like, with expression and an inner confidence that you create by surrounding yourself with your favourite things.
Have a favourite drink or snacks near you, have your pets supporting and singing with you, have a friend over to join in.
We don’t mind – as long as you sing!

You also get the opportunity to be part of our Virtual Choir videos by recording your voice and sending to us every few months.

Each week students can access:

  • one (one hour) online live session per week (4 per month)
  • recording of the live session
  • option to attend an alternative live session (conditions apply)
  • video tutorials to sing along at home and learn new techniques
  • All-Access Pass for your first week (subject to times available)

Stars have the opportunity to sing like no-one can hear them!
Their confidence is boosted by being in a place that they choose, with family or on their own.
It’s their time to express themselves with like-minded young people.

They learn specific vocal techniques as if they were learning individually, but with the bonus of confidence building in a group situation.

We focus on breathing, pitch, phrasing, rhythm and some harmony.
They learn to develop their hearing to be able to hold their own part in a song.
They collaborate and use their creation skills to write and develop songs.

We meet amazing Stars.
Best of all…they love to sing.
Singing gives them SO much.

It helps them study!
It helps them relax.
It is a form of meditation and mindfulness.

The hidden bonus of our online program is that YOU don’t have to hang around and wait for your child!

You can chill out, have a coffee, make dinner, or spend time with your other children.

Of course, you can always sing along with them too!

Who doesn’t want more singing?

You can now book TWO classes each week and receive the 2nd class for 50% off.

Contact us for info or book two and we’ll sort the rest!