Why do it?

For some young people in our singing groups, performing is something they will NEVER do.

Never is a long time! I recall my own daughter telling me she was never going to perform in front of others.

How did we move from that statement to her now performing this weekend at an event in front of others and with a choir backing?

Baby steps.

When kids are young, they are either fearful or not. Mine was!

We created a ‘special’ space for her in front of my music stand. It was a protected place where she felt no one could see her. She could keep her eyes fixed on me and not be concerned about the audience at all.

This worked for most of the young people who came through our in person choir program.  But some were too young and needed more.

The next ‘special’ place was created.

This one was a moment that I will always treasure.  Allowing young performers who are ‘scared’ to face their peers and sing to them rather than to the audience!

There were a few younger ones who really took to this and enjoyed the moment of still performing, singing and joining in but only seeing their peers and smiling faces.

The energy they received was the same feeling I get every time I take a lesson or perform with these youngsters.

Protection but inclusion.

My advice to you if your child is struggling with performing….

Don’t worry about it.  If they want to, when they are ready, they will!
Let them be.
Let them find themselves.
Let them sing the other way round!