Whether you’re battling winter bugs or summer sneezes, getting your singing voice back after a cold or hay fever can be a bit tricky.

We know singing is tough with a blocked nose, and we definitely don’t want you to sing if you have a sore throat. But even after you’re feeling better, those high notes might still be a challenge.

Don’t worry, we’ve got some fun tips and tricks to help you bounce back and hit those high notes again!

Voice Exercises for After You’ve Recovered 🎤✨

Once you’re feeling better, it’s time to gently get your voice back in shape. Here are some fun exercises to try:

Lip Trills: Gently blow air through your lips to make a “brrrr” sound. This helps warm up your vocal folds without straining them. Imagine you’re making a motorboat sound!

Straw Phonation (SOVT Exercise): Take a straw and hum through it while blowing air out. This helps improve your vocal control and relaxes your vocal folds. Try humming your favourite song through the straw!

Humming: Start humming your favourite tunes. Humming is a gentle way to get your voice moving again without putting too much pressure on your vocal folds.

Sirens: Make a sound like a police siren, sliding your voice up and down. This helps you stretch your vocal range and get those high notes back. Have fun pretending to be a singing siren!

Yawning: Yes, yawning! Open your mouth wide and yawn. This stretches and relaxes your throat muscles, which can be really helpful. Pretend you’re a big sleepy lion!

Remember, take it easy and listen to your body. If something feels uncomfortable, stop and try again later. Your voice is a precious instrument, so treat it with care.

We hope these tips help you get back to singing your heart out in no time!

Happy singing!