Singing September - Buttons

Buttons –

NEW song alert!
Original composition
3/4 time – 3 beats – waltz – guessing game

Buttons are made from all sorts of things
Round ones and brown ones and spiky and thin Which one’s your favourite, I think I should guess
I think it’s this one because it is ……
(red, green, big, small, the best etc)

This one is great for young kids – have a selection of buttons for them to choose one of their favourites.
They hide the button and you have to guess by the end of the song which one they have.

September… It’s my 30 day challenge all to do with Singing!
There’s no month like it because it starts with the letter S!
These warm ups can be found in many choir resources, some dating back to 1900’s and at least 4 of this year (2022) are written by me!